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“We’re afraid to interview her."
            - TMZ 
IMG_5486 (1).jpg

Now, I know you may be a little star struck from the picture above. Could it be…? It can’t be… Yes, that's Courtney Daniels as Mama Bear in the critically acclaimed production of Bernstein Bears LIVE. Yes that's her posing on a table, and yes, it's because she couldn’t quite keep up with the choreography. You're probably wondering, how did she get here? It all started in the most beautiful place in the world… Hamilton Parish, Bermuda.


This island girl always had a thing for music, comedy, and a great credit score. Courtney was surrounded by the arts at a very young age. Whether it was singing in the youth choir group, performing as a majorette in Bermudian parades, or faking many injuries so she didn’t have to participate in group sports, Courtney’s mother knew her child was destined to be in the lime light. So her mother packed her bags and moved the family to the land of dreams… Cleveland, Ohio.


Even though Courtney craved for the island lifestyle, she was forced, I mean indulged, herself in every theater program and master class Playhouse Square offered. This motivated Courtney to move to NYC and study musical theatre at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy of the Arts (AMDA.) This lead her to her first National/International Broadway Tour, many workshops and readings, cruising the world as a lead production singer, and finally becoming a lifeguard. When she realized she wasn’t that good at CPR or swimming, her focus drifted into comedy. Whether it was musical comedy, commercial work, improv or stand up, she has found her niche and is continuing the journey of perfecting her craft by taking many classes and staying involved in numerous collaborative projects.

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